September 18, 2021

Spent my birthday this year demonstrating against the government’s tyrannical overreach into our private lives and bodies.

Asking them to stand down, let our scientific community practice without censorship, and a return to normal, not a “new normal” but normal-normal. They don’t get to decide what a new normal looks like.

They don’t have a good track record managing pretty much anything. We definitely shouldn’t trust them with defining normality.

I wasn’t alone.

I protested with over two-thousand people in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We protest and resist for many reasons. Natural immunity has been completely overlooked when pushing for high vaccination rates and information being shared by the scientific community from across the world is consistently being censored if it contradicts the mainstream narrative and then ridiculed when it does get brought up.

This is scary.

It seems that this ends with the government having more control over our lives in the name of safety than any promise where we as a nation are free and true scientific research is valid.

It’s an unprecedented attack to our privacy, freedom and the future of science.

It feels a lot less about health or safety and more about a digital passport that controls where you can and can’t go.

Whether you get the golden ticket to join their “new normal”.

We all take risks. Some took the risk of taking an experimental vaccine in the name of saving lives and others decided not to risk taking a new injection and giving it to our families.

Our risk assessment of the situation is different.

This is okay.

This is how humanity can hedge its bet on the future.

We’ll never agree on the vaccine but we can all agree that the government should not be trusted with our bodies and the ability to decide what normality is. They’re not qualified to make that decision for us.

Feel free to use my photos. :)